Wednesday, January 7, 2009


46 wrapped gifts-

Lot's of Money-

A tree-

Tons (and tons!) of Travel-

4 dozen cookies-

Enough chocolate covered pretzels to feed an army-

12 chocolate covered candy canes-

A Yummy Cheesecake-

The finest looking ginger bread man I've ever seen-

The handsomest cookie villains ever!-

Many homemade gifts-

2 broken ornaments (only?!)-

My little who, from whoville...and His very first Christmas! (check out that hair!)-

Great gifts and Happy kids!-

...Including his favorite, and theee best gift ever! (Thats - ma - boy!)

Lots and lots of family and friends!-

an empty calendar countdown-

and 6 tubs of decorations taken down, put away, and locked up for a another whole year...well almost...(lets not think about that right now! Lol)-

...So we made the though the Holidays!! Happy Birthday Jesus :)
Well, I didn't get to cross off #55 - Have all my Christmas decorations put away by January 2nd, from my list of goals :(
<--- My Goal List --->
...but, Next year, Next year!! :)

Whew...As for now: Relaxation!

1 comment:

Roberta said...

Great blog and great photos!

The holidays made notice how many multiples there were. I photographed Christmas cards on my point and shoot camera. I wanted to capture more, but the camera's power usage is so bad, I just got upset with it and gave up. So, I really love that you captured your holiday whirl.