Thursday, January 8, 2009

...Uh Rewind!

Okay so remember that post with all those wedding plans. Well I've done a lot more searching around, and plans are changing just a little (or ideas rather!)
So the (current) plan right now is to have a Sunrise wedding, and a sunset reception!

Early morning, Sunday May 3rd 2009 we'll wake up, and go down by the Rio Grande River, and meet all of our guests who decide to come. We'll say our vows, exchange rings, and Rey, Myself, and our photographer will take off in a hot air balloon!! Were looking into a Continental breakfast and orange juice (rather than champagne) toast for everyone who attends.

That evening we will all meet up again...Were thinking El Pinto, the New Mexican Restaurant. If I recall correctly, there's an outdoor area with colored hanging lanterns already so I wouldn't have to pay for that. I could be wrong...I'll be looking in to that soon! Also they have the outdoor heating and what not. I don't want to pay for the wedding package, as its like $50 per person! So if we do the dinner catering (which is still private) that will include everything and desert for $35 per person. So it wouldn't be very formal, and they only allow you to have the linens they have. (which are very that's a-ok with me.) I'm going to see on getting a special table for our cake and multi colored chocolate fountains with fruit. If not, we may cut the cake in the morning ceremony.

As my flowers, I'm thinking more "my style" I guess you could say...instead of daisies. There home made...but not silk or whatever. If my idea goes like I want it to...there gunna look awesome! Lets just say very colorful, and "SO ME!"

I just ordered my "Save the date" cards! Oh man...the first BIG step!!

No photos this time :( - but there's More to come soon!

Also I haven't done much with it yet but here is our page - more to come soon!

Yay! :D

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Roberta said...

The plans sound wonderful and very romantic. I'm glad that you are sticking to your style. That's what will really put the finish on your lovely day.